Troubleshooting FTP and encrypted files

Some developers have reported problems after uploading ESWsoftware evaluation apps to a server via FTP. Any encrypted files in the evaluation app appear on the server as having a size of 0 bytes, and do not function correctly.

Firstly, it should be noted that licensed ESWsoftware products are not encrypted, so this problem should never arise with applications you have purchased from ESWsoftware.

ColdFusion encrypted files must be uploaded in binary mode, not text mode. There are reports that Dreamweaver MX uses text mode by default when uploading with . The simplest solution may be to use another client.

Windows XP has built in functionality which is known to work. Windows is very handy for transferring small numbers of files. To upload via Windows, follow these steps:

  1. Open "My Network Places". It should be on your desktop or Start Menu. If not, look in "My Computer" on the menu at left.
  2. Choose "Add a network place" from the Network Tasks menu at left.
  3. Step through the Wizard until you reach a box labelled "Internet or network address:".
  4. Enter your details in this box in the following format:
    ://[username]:[password]@[IP address]
    Replace [username], [password], and [ address] with your account details (and don't type the square brackets).
  5. On the next screen type a descriptive label, and step through the remainder of the Wizard.
  6. The window opens just like an explorer window for your local network. You may simply drag and drop files into the window.

15 June 2004

Internet Protocol
The most basic protocol to communicate on the Internet.
File Transfer Protocol
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