System requirements

cf_annotate has the following system requirements.

  • Server
    1. Either of the following application servers:
      • Adobe ColdFusion 5 or above
      • BlueDragon (tested with version 6.2)
      (ColdFusion MX 6.0 or above or BlueDragon 6.2 or above recommended)
    2. The following tag must be enabled in the server security settings for full functionality: cffile
  • Client
    1. Tested with:
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 for Windows XP
      • Mozilla 1.7.7 for Windows XP
      • Mozilla FireFox 1.0.3 for Windows XP
      • Netscape 7.2 for Windows XP
      • Opera 8.0 for Windows XP

A CFML web application server available for either J2EE Application Servers or the Microsoft .NET Framework. BlueDragon is a product of New Atlanta Communications.