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Latest version:  1.1a
Build: 20041002
Released: A long time ago
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Let visitors comment on your web site's pages with cf_noteSpace. Simply add the custom tag to any page where you want to allow commenting, or add the tag to the display template you use for all your pages.

This tool is particularly useful for web sites that are still in development. Use cf_noteSpace to get feedback from your client on individual pages. The tool is also useful on documentation sites. Give your users an easy way to comment on or ask about specific pages of information.

cf_noteSpace screen shot
  • Visitors add comments, questions, or corrections to your web pages;

  • Clients add comments and requests to web pages that are in development;

  • Deploy to your entire web site, or to individual pages or sections;

  • Private comments for the site administrator's eyes only;

  • Maintain control over who is permitted to comment on pages;

  • Automatic email notification of new comments;

  • Fully localizable — English, French, German and Dutch languages are included;

  • No database required, for easy deployment;

  • Integrates with your existing user authentication/authorisation system;

  • Supports both Adobe ColdFusion and BlueDragon application servers.

  1. Example 1
    Add comments to the bottom of this page. Your comments are visible to others, but are cleared once a day.

  2. Example 2
    This page only lets you comment if you are logged into . If you have purchased ESWsoftware products in the past, you should have an account you can use to login.

  3. Example 3
    On this page, you have administrator privileges. This means you may delete comments, you can see private comments, and you can also view a list of other pages containing comments.

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A CFML web application server available for either J2EE Application Servers or the Microsoft .NET Framework. BlueDragon is a product of New Atlanta Communications.