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Latest version:  2.0
Build: 20060216
Released: A long time ago
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Find out who is visiting your site in real time. Discover information about each visitor such as country, browser details, time spent on the site, number of pages visited, and the page being viewed currently. You can even see who is currently logged in to your site and see a complete page history for each visitor. You can log session data for later analysis, and you can access this data from your application so you can present different content based on country or browser.

cf_siteInsight is not intended to replace your existing statistics application. Rather, it is designed as a real-time supplement. cf_siteInsight can give you a very clear qualitative indication of the traffic on your site, and allow you to monitor the pathways real users take through your site. You will see how users from different countries arrive at different times of day, and you will have a clear idea of the load various bots and spiders place on your site.

cf_siteInsight screen shot
  • See who is visiting your site in real time;

  • Access useful data such as the visitor's browser and country;

  • Present different content to different users by accessing cf_siteInsight data from within your application;

  • See at a glance which visitors to your site are humans and which are robots;

  • View a full history of the visitor's session as he or she progresses through your site;

  • Simple to implement — get going in minutes;

  • Track both ColdFusion pages and static HTML or other pages;

  • Log files or database records may be generated for later analysis;

  • Supports both Adobe ColdFusion and BlueDragon application servers;

  • Fully localizable — English, French, German and Dutch languages are included.

  1. Example: Who's visiting this site?
    See who is visiting this website right now. Note that in this example some personal data is being hidden.

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This product includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from


A CFML web application server available for either J2EE Application Servers or the Microsoft .NET Framework. BlueDragon is a product of New Atlanta Communications.

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The coding language used to create hypertext documents for use on the World Wide Web.