For Adobe ColdFusion application servers For BlueDragon application servers System requirements

cf_siteInsight has the following system requirements.

  • Server
    1. Either of the following application servers:
      • Adobe ColdFusion 5 or above
      • BlueDragon 6.1 or above
    2. For full functionality, it is recommended that the following tags and functions are enabled in the server security settings: cffile, cfquery, cflog, fileExists()
  • Client (public)
    1. Any browser or user agent
  • Client (admin)
    1. Tested with:
      • FireFox 1.0.7,
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0 Beta 2
      • Netscape 7.1, 8.1
      • Opera 8.51 (automatic scrolling does not function)
    2. For full functionality, it is recommended that JavaScript is enabled.

A CFML web application server available for either J2EE Application Servers or the Microsoft .NET Framework. BlueDragon is a product of New Atlanta Communications.