For Adobe ColdFusion application servers For BlueDragon application servers cf_siteInsight 2.0 What's New?

  • Better bot handling
    Bots are now indicated with an icon so you can easily see which traffic is human and which non-human. Bots often use a range of IP addresses and fail to maintain session variables. Hits from recognised bots are now aggregated properly.

  • Track static pages
    You may now track static HTML pages by embedding a tracker image in your pages.

  • Autoscroll
    When the cf_siteInsight report reloads itself, it scrolls automatically back to the point you were viewing.

  • Exclude irrelevant pages
    Use a regular expression to specify pages (such as administration screens, for example) you want to ignore.

  • Block bots of your choice
    Block bots or browsers based on user agent string. This is useful where a bot ignores the robots.txt file and creates excess server load.

  • Leverage visitor data for your application
    Data such as visitor country, browser, and platform are now available for your application. You could, for example display different information for local versus overseas visitors.

  • Minor changes
    Minor changes to report layout. Trimmed whitespace generation in report. Applied latest address data to the bundled database. Added more bots and spiders. Fixed a bug with logDatasource. Added "noindex,nofollow" search engine directive. Added browser icons. Added a historyLength setting to limit the amount of history displayed. The now attribute lets you adjust trackintg and reporting for your time zone independent of the server's time zone.

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    See also cf_siteInsight 1.2: What's New?

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    The most basic protocol to communicate on the Internet.
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