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Latest version:  1.2b
Build: 20041002
Released: A long time ago
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What's new?

Displaying records just got easier. The cf_sorTable custom tag generates an HTML table of records based on your query. The table is split into pages, and sortable on any column. Click through on any record to your custom editing or viewing form. The appearance of the table is handled entirely using CSS styles, so you can change the look. cf_sorTable is the perfect companion to TerraForm!

  • cf_sorTable is easy to use and powerful;

  • cf_sorTable integrates with whatever method you currently use to edit and view form data. You can use it with TerraForm or any other solution;

  • cf_sorTable relies on cascading style sheets so you can customise its visual appearance without editing the tag — choose from the included skins or create your own;

  • Supports both Adobe ColdFusion and BlueDragon application servers;

  • Fully localizable — English, Dutch, French, and German languages are included.

cf_sorTable screen shot

  1. Example 1: The Solar System
    This table has just one page of nine records, including string, numeric, and boolean columns. Have fun sorting the Solar System!

  2. Example 2: Moons of Jupiter
    This table has many more records, and so it is split into pages. One of the columns here contains dates (cf_sorTable has no problem sorting dates or times either).

  3. Example 3: Product inventory
    This example demonstrates the use of expressions to control the appearance of columns, as well as setting separte links for individual columns.

  4. Example 4: File folder
    In this example, a cfdirectory tag is used to generate the data. This example uses the "finestre" skin.

  5. Buy it!

If you need a high performance solution, consider SorTable+. As it relies on the database to perform all data sorting and filtering, it is faster and more scalable, but cannot be used for record sets from other sources. Compare these products.

Just like cf_sorTable, this tag allows you to display HTML table of database records. The table is split into pages, and sortable on any column. SorTable+ adds data filtering and support for larger record sets.
TerraForm is a comprehensive web forms system for ColdFusion. TerraForm provides data validation, form reuse, internationalisation / localisation, and new form fields.

A CFML web application server available for either J2EE Application Servers or the Microsoft .NET Framework. BlueDragon is a product of New Atlanta Communications.

Cascading Style Sheet
Describes how a document should be displayed or printed.
HyperText Markup Language
The coding language used to create hypertext documents for use on the World Wide Web.