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Incl. sales tax
In stock?Units in stock
PE198 Component $99.95 $114.94 Yes 89
AL405 Contraption $12.99 $14.94 Yes 32
AL406 Contrivance $89.00 $102.35 Yes 987
QR540 Device $1,029.00 $1,183.35 Yes 154
PE1021 Gadget $8.50 $9.77 Yes 673
QR562/4 Gizmo $2.50 $2.88 No 0
XR2003 Model $1,499.00 $1,723.85 Yes 4
PE556 Part $0.10 $0.11 No 0
PE349 Widget $10.99 $12.64 Yes 1645
1–9 of 9

This example demonstrates the use of expressions to control the appearance of columns. Expressions may be used to change the way data in a column is represented. They are not quite the same as calculated columns, as the data will still be sorted according to the original (no longer visible) values. If you want a calculated column (for example, the product of two other columns) the best place to do this is in your database query. Let's look at the expressions in use here:

This example also demonstrates setting up several different links for each record. Instead of supplying a link attribute on the cf_sorTable tag, we add it to individual cf_column tags.

View the simple source code for this example.