For Adobe ColdFusion application servers SimpleRemoteScripting (SRS)

Latest version:  1.1
Build: 20050812
Released: A long time ago
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SimpleRemoteScripting is a tool to help you update your HTML web pages without reloading entire pages at a time. Conceptually, it is like Flash Remoting: a gateway is set up between the client browser and the ColdFusion server, and data is passed back and forth, all without a page refresh.

This is not a new technique: there are various solutions already available * . However, remote scripting is not commonly used. SimpleRemoteScripting (SRS) is not an attempt to provide the most comprehensive remote scripting environment imaginable, but rather to provide a simple set of code and examples that developers can fully understand and adjust to their needs.

Since SRS relies on the client browser, only recent browsers are supported. The following examples have been successfully tested on Opera 7.11, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, Mozilla Firebird 0.7 and Firefox 0.9, Netscape 6 and 7.1, and Mozilla 1.7b (all on Windows). All target platforms must be tested carefully.

SRS is made available as is, free of charge, and is not supported by ESWsoftware.

  1. Example 1: Hello, world!
    A trivial example.

  2. Example 2: ColdFusion tags and functions
    In this example, a list of matching tags and functions is built in real-time as you type into a box.

  3. Example 3: Chemical elements
    Here you can use related select boxes to browse for chemicals, or you can use a free search box.

  4. Example 3a: Chemical elements II
    This is the same as example 3, but here the SRS trace attribute is added, so we can see what the gateway is doing.

  5. Example 4: Russian bookstore
    Browse or search for Russian novels and add them to your shopping cart.

  6. Example 4a: Russian bookstore II
    This is identical to the previous example, except that the server page is a CFC rather than a regular CFM page.

  7. Example 5: Eliza
    Eliza is a famous computer therapist.

  8. Example 6: Server memory usage
    This example demonstrates continuous client page status updates from a long-running server process.

  9. How it works
    An introduction to remote scripting.

  10. Writing your Client Page
    Your client page is the page the visitor actually sees. It is the interface to your application.

  11. Writing your Server Page
    Your server page is a rudimentary page that your visitor never sees. It takes parameters and sends back a response to the client page.

  12. Download
    Download SRS and try out the examples.

* Other remote scripting resources:
ColdFusion Component
HyperText Markup Language
The coding language used to create hypertext documents for use on the World Wide Web.