Example 5: Eliza

Eliza is a famous artificial intelligence program, written in 1966 to simulate a Rogerian psychotherapist. Eliza is not very smart, but she still convinces us she is smarter than she really is. The Loebner Prize is awarded annually for the best computer conversationalist or "chatterbot." The 2003 winner was Jabberwock. [See also: Eliza | JavaScript version of Eliza | Loebner Prize | Chat with Jabberwock

In this sample, the client page (you're looking at it) sends the patient's remarks to the server page using remote scripting. The server page passes them on to a SOAP web service. The web service responds to the server page with Eliza's response, and the server page returns the response to the client computer using remote scripting.

"Hello, I'm Eliza. Tell me all your problems."