For Adobe ColdFusion application servers TerraForm

Latest version:  2.7 Beta
Build: 20060501
Released: A long time ago
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TerraForm 2.7 Beta is available now as a free download for license-holders. To download, login and click, "Download your software."

TerraForm is a comprehensive web forms system for ColdFusion. TerraForm provides data validation, form reuse, internationalization/localization, and new form fields, such as calendars and color pickers - while supporting the best third-party technologies, such as FCKeditor and qForms, as part of one cohesive system.

TerraForm screen shot

TerraForm is designed to change the way you build web forms and application interfaces. Here's why:



TerraForm provides a range of new form elements ready to go: color pickers, better file upload fields, multi-language popup calendars, date and time pickers, combo boxes, spinners, sliders — whatever you need to build cool forms! If your browser doesn't support a given element, TerraForm automatically degrades the field to suit. On top of that, TerraForm enhances the regular elements with disappearing prompt messages for text fields, character counters for textareas and more.



Reuse your form for entering new data, editing existing data, and handling invalid submissions. TerraForm respects your site's locale, and takes care of internationalization and localization automatically. Now four methods of validation provide a combination of simplicity and power, while all the form errors are presented in the same, consistent way.



TerraForm is fully customisable to your web site's style, and supports a wide range of spoken languages. Integration with related products like FCKeditor, ActivEdit, qForms and soEditor provides you an easy way to keep using your favorite tools.



TerraForm provides consistency. Use the same tag format for regular HTML form fields, new form fields and proprietary third-party form fields. Switch between a select box and a set of checkboxes, between a POP-up calendar and a date picker, or between a standard text field and a proprietary WYSIWYG editor, simply by changing one attribute. Adjust each field's format and datatype independently to keep both your designer and your database administrator happy. Apply site-wide changes to your forms using defaults and presets.


A JavaScript forms API featuring client-side validation. TerraForm includes support for qForms as a convenient way to add client-side validation to your forms. qForms is a product of PengoWorks.


A WYSIWYG editor for web forms. TerraForm includes support for soEditor. soEditor is a product of SiteObjects.


A WYSIWYG editor for web forms. TerraForm includes support for ActivEdit. ActivEdit is a product of ActivSoftware.


A WYSIWYG editor for web forms. TerraForm includes support for FCKeditor.

Post Office Protocol
a method of retrieving email from a server.
HyperText Markup Language
The coding language used to create hypertext documents for use on the World Wide Web.
What You See Is What You Get
A document looks like a reasonable facsimile of the end result during the editing process. Modern word processors, for example, are WYSIWYG.