For Adobe ColdFusion application servers Product comparison

TerraForm is designed to make creation of good-quality forms easier. Here's a quick comparison with some other technologies.

  HTML forms CFForm () CFForm (Flash) TerraForm
Server? Any Any ColdFusion ColdFusion 7+ ColdFusion 5+
Cross-browser compatible? Yes Yes (may require Java) Yes (requires Flash) Yes (better with JavaScript)
File upload Basic Basic No support Advanced *
Consistent form field markup? No No No Yes
Rich interactive widgets? No Some, Java-based Some, Flash-based † Yes, dHTML
Security features? No No Yes Yes
Validation? No Client-side (JavaScript) with limited server-side Client-side (Flash) with limited server-side Advanced server-side, integrates with qForms for client-side ‡
Accessibility features? Manual Manual Limited Automatic
Internationalization / localization? No No Limited, manual §§ Yes (automatic)
Extensibility? n/a No No Yes
Automatic insertion of existing data? No No No Yes
Skill level Beginner Beginner Beginner Features range from Beginner to Medium

* File upload is a weakness of many -based forms, due to lack of data persistence when an invalid form is returned to the user. TerraForm supports persistent file-upload fields, including validation, thumbnail previews, and automatic storage. As at CFMX 7, Flash forms have no file upload support at all.
† As at 7, some desirable widgets are missing, such as a POP-up date picker.
‡ TerraForm lets you validate your data using four different technique, to provide both ease of implementation and power.
§§ For example, you may specify Date or Eurodate validation and you may set the day and month names manually.

A JavaScript forms API featuring client-side validation. TerraForm includes support for qForms as a convenient way to add client-side validation to your forms. qForms is a product of PengoWorks.

Post Office Protocol
a method of retrieving email from a server.
Macromedia ColdFusion MX
ColdFusion web application server version 6 or later.
HyperText Markup Language
The coding language used to create hypertext documents for use on the World Wide Web.