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Issue enhancedFile format fails when forms are reloaded without validation
Diagnosed 20060114
Affected version All
Affected environment All
Status Fixed in next release
Priority Medium
Description For more information about reloading without validation, see HTTP:// If this technique is applied to a form containing an enhancedFile field, an error is thrown. The reason is that enhancedFile is relying on the enhancedFileClean() function being called, when in this case it is not.
Fix Add these lines to customtags/terraform/formats/CFMX.cfm, the EnhancedFileFormat function just after the line <cfset var tableStyle = ""> near the top:
<cfif state eq "refresh">
  <cfset EnhancedFileClean()>
Issue qForms rejects some valid entries for real datatype.
Diagnosed 20050420
Affected version All
Affected environment qForms latest build
Status This is a qForms issue, not a TerraForm issue
Priority -
Description When qForms is enabled to provide client-side validation, fields with real datatype refuse to validate numbers with zeroes after decimal point (e.g. 1.000). This is a qForms bug, apparently only evident in the latest build (139).
Fix Open the qForms file validation.JS and locate the function _Field_isNumeric(). Change the line:
if( isNaN(i) || (String(i) != this.value) ){
if( isNaN(i) ){
Issue Calendar mixes up month and day in non-US locales.
Diagnosed 20050414
Affected version All
Affected environment Any locale that does not use non day-month-year date formatting
Status Resolved in next release
Priority High
Description When you have data in a calendar field and click the calendar icon, the day and month is mixed up if the locale you are using has a day-month-year date format and the day of the month is 12 or earlier.
Fix Open terraform\formats\includes\calendar.cfm and locate the lines (around 221):
<cfif isDate(thisField.value)>
  cal#calendarId#.currentDate=new Date(#year(thisField.value)#, #month(thisField.value)#-1,#day(thisField.value)#); 
Replace them with the following:
<cfif lsIsDate(thisField.value)>
    <cfset temp = lsParseDateTime(thisField.value)>
      <cfset temp = parseDateTime(thisField.value)>
  cal#calendarId#.currentDate=new Date(#year(temp)#, #month(temp)#-1,#day(temp)#); 
<cfelseif isDate(thisField.value)>
  cal#calendarId#.currentDate=new Date(#year(thisField.value)#, #month(thisField.value)#-1,#day(thisField.value)#); 

A JavaScript forms API featuring client-side validation. TerraForm includes support for qForms as a convenient way to add client-side validation to your forms. qForms is a product of PengoWorks.

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