For Adobe ColdFusion application servers System requirements

TerraForm has the following system requirements. Note that forms constructed with TerraForm are designed to degrade to suit the client browser's capabilities automatically. While the interface may be less rich in some browsers, it should still be usable. We do not guarantee performance in any browser, but we will work to correct problems reported to us.

  • Server
    1. Adobe ColdFusion Application Server 5 or above (some features including the enhancedfile format require ColdFusion MX)
    2. enhancedfile requires the following tags enabled: cfdirectory and cffile
    3. Functions enabled: directoryExists(), expandPath(), fileExists(), getDirectoryFromPath(), getFileFromPath()
    4. Some features and formats rely on installation of third-party components.
  • Client
    1. Any Web browser (some features disabled in some browsers, and in older versions. Netscape 7, Opera 7, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 recommended)
    2. JavaScript enabled for full functionality
    3. ActiveX enabled for certain formats
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