For Adobe ColdFusion application servers Flexible ColdFusion forms

TerraForm is fully customisable to your web site's style, and supports a wide range of spoken languages. Integration with related products like ActivEdit, qForms and soEditor provides you an easy way to keep using your favourite tools.


Customise prompts and error messages to your choice and style of language. TerraForm automatically handles localization and internationalization of your data using the standard ColdFusion locales. TerraForm respects your page's locale setting, or can automatically choose the appropriate locale for your visitor.


Add client-side validation to your forms with just a few keystrokes. You can use TerraForm and qForms side-by-side, but more than that: you can get TerraForm to generate the qForms commands for you automatically!

Third party technologies

Incorporate your existing third party solutions into TerraForm and use them just like any other field. FCKeditor, ActivEdit and soEditor are already supported, so you can change a plain textarea field to an WYSIWYG editing window by changing just one attribute. You can add support for other solutions yourself.

Write your own

If you have special requirements, you can write your own datatypes, formats, and presets, or customise those provided. Just add the code to your settings file and use on all your forms.


Match your form's datatypes to those in your database to ensure your database gets what it expects. Add the TerraForm database extension packs to your settings file, and save a little brainpower.


A JavaScript forms API featuring client-side validation. TerraForm includes support for qForms as a convenient way to add client-side validation to your forms. qForms is a product of PengoWorks.


A WYSIWYG editor for web forms. TerraForm includes support for soEditor. soEditor is a product of SiteObjects.


A WYSIWYG editor for web forms. TerraForm includes support for ActivEdit. ActivEdit is a product of ActivSoftware.


A WYSIWYG editor for web forms. TerraForm includes support for FCKeditor.

What You See Is What You Get
A document looks like a reasonable facsimile of the end result during the editing process. Modern word processors, for example, are WYSIWYG.