For Adobe ColdFusion application servers TerraForm in the wild

Have you built something neat with TerraForm that you'd like to show off to the rest of us? Let me know and send screenshots or (preferably) a link. I'll feature it here.

  • New Zealand Tramper
    This website uses TerraForm for almost all web forms, such as the rather lenient advanced search form. The registration form is much more strict, and includes a variety of required fields and validation rules. Note the following features:
    • Required fields are highlighted automatically;
    • Field labels are capitalised automatically;
    • HTML label tags are wrapped around labels to enhance accessibility -- click the label to move to the relevant field;
    • Datatype validation ensures the email address appears valid;
    • The enhancedFile format helps you upload your photograph and ensures that your file is preserved even if there are other form errors (this is a common problem for standard forms);
    • The radio format ensures a set of radio buttons are implemented tidily and with minimal CFML code;
    • The textarea format includes a length tracker to limit your entry to 1000 characters;
    • cf_terraRule ensures that the re-entered password matches the original;
    • cf_terraRule ensures that the re-entered password matches the original;
    • the submit button disables once pressed;
    • once submitted, errors are listed at the top of the form, and error fields are highlighted.
ColdFusion Markup Language: Tag-based language processed by a ColdFusion web application server
HyperText Markup Language
The coding language used to create hypertext documents for use on the World Wide Web.