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A TerraForm 2.6 Single Developer License is USD40.00. However, we are currently offering TerraForm as KarmaWare. That means you can purchase a single developer licence for 25% off the price. But if you like and use the product you must promise to recommend it to somebody else who might like to buy it. Of course, we're not going to be checking up on you, but remember that spreading the word helps to encourage further development of this product, and that means free upgrades for you!

A single developer license allows one developer within your organisation to use the TerraForm custom tag in an unlimited number of commercial applications. You will receive an unencrypted, unlimited tag with your license.

Note that if you have multiple developers planning to use this product, one license does not allow you to do this. Please purchase one license for each developer. We have deliberately priced our product low, and we believe that the value of the time you save should outweigh the cost of this product the very first time each of your developers use it. So by that logic the more developer licenses you purchase the more money you save!

Please contact us for corporate site licensing, and for academic and non-profit prices.

Note that if you have previously purchased TerraForm 2.0 or later, you are eligible for a free upgrade to 2.7 . Please login to collect your upgrade.

TerraForm is available from Inc. (Ohio, USA), an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by ESWsoftware.

Purchase TerraForm 2.6 - Single Developer License(s) @ USD40.00
Purchase TerraForm 2.6 - Single Developer License(s) KarmaWare @ USD30.00
Purchase TerraForm Language Pack: German 2.5 - Single Developer License(s) @ USD10.00

Note that TerraForm is also available for purchase from