For Adobe ColdFusion application servers TerraForm 2.6: What's New?

The primary goal of this release was to consolidate the cross-platform performance gains established in release 2.5.

  • Mac browser performance
    We have addressed some performance issues for Mac Internet Explorer and the new Safari browser.

  • Increased speed
    We've made a number of small internal code changes to improve performance, including shifting much of the JavaScript into external files to reduce HTML page size.

  • XHTML compliance
    We have added a new cf_terraform attribute: xhtml. If set to false (by default) then TerraForm will generate . If set to true, then TerraForm will attempt to generate XHTML. Note that this is an experimental feature at present. We do not guarantee that all code will be XHTML compliant at this time. Let us know if you note any compliance failure and we will attempt to improve compliance in the next release.

  • Samples Gallery
    We've added to our samples gallery - a package of samples you can download and install as one convenient package. A new example demonstrates the power of creating custom datatypes, formats, and presets. Visit the gallery online.

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See also TerraForm 2.5: What's New?

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