Third party products

I have evaluated the following products and I'm happy to recommend them. I use many of these on a daily basis!

ColdFusion tags and apps


cf_WebBoard is a ColdFusion-based discussion board. It is very smart-looking, with a sophisticated cross-browser interface. With three levels of organisation from categories, to folders to threads, cf_WebBoard is designed to handle large quantities of messages. There doesn't seem to be a way to present a summary page of recently added messages.


ProWorkFlow is a web-based job and time management tool. You can manage your contacts (right down to the way they like their coffee!) and generate timesheets and reports. ProWorkFlow is available as a hosted subscription-based system, or you can run it on your own ColdFusion server.

Desktop apps

Spam Bully

Spam Bully is a Bayesian filter for Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express mail readers. Traditional boolean filters follow a set of rules based on the presence of certain words or combinations of words to decide if a message is spam. Bayesian filters work by reading all the words in your messages to obtain an overall score that represents the probability the message is spam. This is a far superior approach that improves automatically as mail is processed.


FeedDemon is an RSS or News reader from Bradbury Software, makers of TopStyle. If you read several weblogs, an reader will help you keep up to date without the chore of visiting each weblog individually. Several free readers are available, although FeedDemon offers a richer range of features.


I used to make notes to myself throughout the day by popping open a Notepad window and leaving it there under everything else, throughout the day. Often, at the end of the day, I would not have the time or energy to do anything with my note so I would either leave the computer running, or just discard it. Often I discarded a stack of notes by accident, thinking they were just page source code. OneNote is a brand-new product from Microsoft designed to let you get the information down quickly and organise it later. There's no save button as your notes are saved automatically. It's like a desktop jotter, but much more organised. If you find yourself making notes, try it. Interestingly, here's a weblog post on the software's genesis. Also, a trial version is available.

RDF Site Summary
An XML format for distributing news headlines on the Web, also known as syndication.